Galouti Burger

Galouti Burger

IT isn’t Galouti Burger

Prep Time : 10 minutes
Cook time : 5-10 minutes
Level Of Cooking : Easy
Serves: 1

Everyone loves a good burger. But we’re committed to building the best burger you’d ever taste! Our IT Isn’t Galouti Kebabs are the perfect snack but we’re elevating it even further for you! Here’s presenting the IT Isn’t Galouti Kebab Burger.

It’s a treat for your tastebuds, the perfect meal for when you’re tired or want a break from making the same old burgers. We want you to try out something new to break the monotony. So, put this on the list of items you want to try out next! We have listed the steps involved in the process to help you through it!


3-4 Pieces

IT isn’t Galouti Kebab


Mini Burger Buns

2-3 Leaves



Cheese Slices

3-4 Slices

Onion - Sliced Round

3-4 Slices

Tomato - Sliced Round

3-4 Slices

Pickled Onions *

To your liking


To your liking

Mint - Coriander Chutney

Oil to shallow fry


To make the pickled onions: Heat vinegar, sugar, salt and whole peppercorns in a pan. Stir until sugar and salt has dissolved. Fill up sliced onions and a piece of raw beetroot (optional - for a bright pink colour) in a jar. Pour this hot mixture over the onions and let sit for about an hour. Your delicious pickled onions are ready! You can store this in the refrigerator for upto 2 months


  • Heat some oil on a non-stick pan.
  • Place the IT Isn’t Galouti on the hot pan and shallow-fry on low heat, gently turning sides, till evenly golden and cooked on both sides.
  • Halve the buns horizontally.
  • Optional Step: Heat some butter in a non-stick pan and roast the halved burger buns from both sides till slightly crispy
  • Spread some mint chutney on the base half of each roasted bun. 
  • Spread some mayonnaise on the top half of each bun.
  • Place a lettuce leaf and 1 IT Isn’t Galouti Kebab patty on the base half of each bun. Spread some mint chutney on top of the patty and place 1 tomato roundel and 1 onion roundel and some pickled onions
  • Cover with the top half of each bun.

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